Creative in creating unique Balinese architecture and innovative design!
Our professional teams help develop ideas and visualize them into 3D display.



Bali Architect OMADREAM is an architecture company based in Bali, which was established in 2012. With the signature of modern Balinese design, we help provide various alternative designs that suit your needs. With competitive prices and without reducing the quality of our work are the priorities for OMADREAM Architect Bali. As a professional architect company, OMADREAM provides design by uniting cultural elements into the good design for private houses, villas, resorts, and even design for your offices. We try to understand the idea and combine it into a creative design so that your dreams become as real as a comfortable dwelling.

OMADREAM Architect tries to provide solutions to help design so that you do have to experience any difficulty while upgrading the next construction phase. OMADREAM Architect teams are supported by 11 experienced and competent personnel ranging from the marketing team, surveyors to architects in making OMADREAM Architect as a leading architect company in Bali that strives to always be at the forefront of service, time and quality.