What are steps to deploy OMADREAM Architect’s services?

We begin by mapping out your ideas and desired designs to suit your needs as described in the following steps:
Brain Storming:
* Initial ideas
* Sketches
* Agreement
* Deposit

What you will get:
* Print working images
* Softcopy
* 3D visualization

For more detail information, please see our working scope on the Services page.

Do I need to share detail location, survey and photos to you?

Site survey is needed to fit first idea into what is actually on the ground . By conducting on-site survey prior to planning, we can adjust the design to the surrounding environment. The OMADREAM team will provide important input and direction in planning to get desired design.

How many maximum revision design do I get ?

Design is highly important as a reference to conduct the next processes. Therefore repeated design changes may delay the continuation of your project. Therefore, we limit the revision to only be made maximal 2 times in the initial sketch.

How long does it take for a design project?

A project estimate depends on type and extent of the project. With the flexibility we offer, clients can discuss the estimated times that are needed.

Why do you need an architect?

Yes, you need an architect to translate your ideas to optimize costs, quality and time.

Why do clients need to deliver their budget project?

Architects consider functions of the building, which is certainly adapted to owners’ budget project.

The OMADREAM team is open to discuss budget plan (RAB) after the planning is completed. This is done to make sure your dream buildings can be designed and built within your budget.

What is the architectural style used by OMADREAM in the design?

The design that we offer is Balinese modern style that is adapted to Indonesian tropical climate.

Do We Help in Finding Contractors?

OMADREAM only focuses on design, so this service is not included in our list of conditions. OMADREAM is limited to providing advice and information.

Does the Service Already Include IMB Images?

Yes. Our service already includes IMB images, which are customized with their respective local regulations.