Key Persons

Made Meiarthayasa

He has highest responsibility for operation and day-to-day organization business. With his educational background, he was graduated from a university in Hawaii. Moreover, he has reputable experience to showcase in property industry. Made Meiarthayasa is committed to development and he is the one who ensures OMADREAM always runs on the right track.


Nyoman Dhasmiartha M.B.A

He graduated from Ohio Dominican College U.S.A. He is the one who has the highest responsible on the organization’s finance.


Ngurah Mahardana, S.T

As an undergraduate engineering, Ngurah Mahardana directly supervises in the field to ensure highest quality and approved final touch in accordance with expected standards. With his capability experience in design scope, he is well-known to clients because he is capable to interpret clients’ wishes and expectations in simple and comprehensive way.


Gatot Wibowo, S.T

He is an architect who graduated from Udayana University in Bali. He has high appreciation and strong taste of Balinese architecture, which is highly significant and imperative to OMADREAM's strength and trade mark to the date.


Ngurah Mahantara

He was once studied in art and design department at Udayana University in Bali. About his impressive capability, there is nothing to be doubted because Ngurah Mahantara is one top art visualizer in Bali and his works are easily found in the architect portals and 3D exhibitions.